Kathryn Tickell And The Darkening


Kathryn Tickell Northumbrian smallpipes, fiddle, vocals
Joe Truswell drums
Kate Young fiddle, vocals
Amy Thatcher accordion, synths, vocals, clog dancing
Kieran Szifris octave mandolin

Musicians from Northumberland, Scotland, Ireland and England invoke the dark, powerful, shamanic sounds of Ancient Northumbria. Their inspiration comes from the wild, dramatic, weather-bitten countryside along Hadrian’s Wall, which seems so quintessentially Northumbrian…and yet, almost 2000 years ago that same landscape was inhabited by people from around the world, worshipping different gods and following different customs.

Kathryn Tickell and The Darkening embrace that global perspective, bringing some of the oldest Northumbrian tunes and songs throbbing to life,
intermingling them with new material and binding it all together with contemporary resonance and attitude.

I can’t remember feeling so exhilarated by such a match of music and landscape. The Times (on Kathryn’s Northumbrian Voices).