Mnight Southampton 2023


University of Southampton Malaysian Students’ Association presents our very own Malaysian Night that showcases the talents of Malaysian students in the performing arts.

The event consists of two parts, the first being a series of independent performances consisting of our band named Ali Akau dan Muthu by Namawee and a poetry recital by our director Muhammad Aiman Hafiz bin Amran titled Malaysia My Home.

The second part is a horror/thriller play titled Soton vs. Malaysia: A Ghost Story and it centres on the ghost characters of Southampton and Malaysia. A young man who goes back to his home country, Malaysia, did not realise that he wasn’t only bringing his personal belongings, but instead had brought the souls of others that have been conjured by him in Southampton. The play is inspired by Malaysian folklore with some added twists to give a mix of Western and South-East Asian references. The story spans in the 20th Century with flashbacks to the 1900’s and has a genre of thriller/comedy.

Get ready to indulge in Malaysia’s interesting legends and traditions, we truly hope to see you at our Malaysian Night.


Early bird offer – first 30 tickets sold will be reduced to £8.00 each