Ts Family Day: The Enchanted Cinema | Spells & Animated Journeys

SUNDAY 10 JULY - 3:30 PM


‘Thanks so much for a truly amazing show – I absolutely love what you do… the beautiful, textual, thought provoking world you opened the children up to was very special and memorable.’

Róisín – audience/ participant, The Enchanted Cinema.


Bring classic animated films to life in this participatory live family cinema experience.

Learn to use cymbals, shakers, ocean drums, paper bags – and your own voice! – to help our musicians create live sound effects. Create your own special sound track for a rowdy party of elfin princesses and goblin princes.

This workshop and performance for ages 5 and up features brilliant pre-CG animated films from the past century.

What films?

  • Where the Wild Things Are (1973, with live narration): Max meets strange creatures with gnashing teeth and tames them by staring into their eyes.
  • Big Underground Ball (1987): Elfin princesses and goblin princes have a rambunctious time (with cyberpunk hairdos).
  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926): A valiant prince gets into all sorts of scrapes. Two magical beings transform into animals in a visually stunning duel.

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The duration of this workshop/performance is approx 60 minutes
Suitable for children ages 5 and up

Tickets are FREE. All audience members must book a ticket.