About Us


Turner Sims is the University of Southampton’s music venue, with big ambitions to build an inclusive world through the joy of live music.

Music is powerful. Spanning generations and cultures, it brings people together. That’s why we’re on a mission to connect communities through the joy of live music. 

We believe music is at its most joyful when shared with others. In our venue and beyond, we create space for people to experience live music together. 

Students, emerging artists and world-renowned musicians share our stage. By day, University of Southampton’s music department nurture young musicians. On weekends and evenings, we welcome you to discover inspiring music – old and new.

From classical and jazz to folk and global music, we present remarkable musicians who share our passion for inclusion. Wherever you meet us, we hope you’ll find a space where you feel you belong.

Turner Sims’ intimate auditorium, outstanding acoustic and garden setting make it a favourite destination for artists and audiences alike.