Artistic Temperaments: Vienna In 1782


Marianna d’Auenbrugger Sonata in E flat Moderato
Clementi  Sonata in B flat Op 8/1 (Ded. Nancy d’Auenbrugger)
Haydn Sonata in D Hob XV/37 (Ded. Katerina & Marianna d’Auenbrugger)
Salieri – Mozart – Cornetti Cantata: Per la ricuperata salute di Ofelia
Salieri Ode

Performed by students on the 1796 Broadwood, this concert is based around the Viennese pianist Marianna d’Auenbrugger (1759-1782). Marianna was the dedicatee of a sonata by Clementi, and six by Haydn. The concert paints a rounded picture of musical life in Vienna in the 1780s.

The pianist Marianna d’Auenbrugger died just after her twenty-third birthday. The Viennese Court Composer, Antonio Salieri, her composition teacher, was so upset that he composed a special Ode in her memory. He published it, along with her own Piano Sonata in E flat. ‘Her first and last Opus’ laments the title page.

Our concert includes both these pieces, along with sonatas that Haydn and Clementi dedicated to Maria. We also include a recently discovered three-way collaboration between Salieri, his arch-rival, Mozart, and a composer called Cornetti. They united in welcoming back to the stage the soprano Nancy Storace (Mozart’s first Susanna). Nancy had lost her voice after a nervous breakdown, and this piece was written for her return to an adoring public in 1785.

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