Courtney Pine


Courtney Pine was once hailed as British jazz’s saviour… he still is.

The Independent

Courtney Pine marks his 60th birthday year with a special edition of his award-winning project House of Legends. It celebrates the influence and contributions to the UK from the many varied people of the Caribbean. He also re-releases his ground-breaking debut album Journey To The Urge Within.

No musician more embodies the dramatic transformation in the British jazz scene over the past thirty years than saxophonist Courtney Pine. The multi-instrumentalist has led a generation of exciting and innovative players who have taken jazz to a wider audience. In the 80’s he was one of the first black British jazz artists to make a serious mark on the jazz scene when his first album, Journey to the Urge Within, charted. Thirty-seven years on (now with an OBE and CBE for services to music), he continues to break new ground.

Deeply steeped in the traditions of the Caribbean, House of Legends sees Courtney on top form. He brings musicians from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe together to tell tales of life from a truly multi-cultural view point. Expect an exhilarating mix of Merengue, Ska, Mento and Calypso as played through the lens (saxophone) of a UK-born artist with strong, proud Afro-Caribbean roots.

In 1986, a 22-year-old Courtney Pine appeared on the front cover of the iconic British music publication NME. He is the only Black British jazz artist to do so. The last quote in a two page interview read ‘You know I’m doing this for a reason’ – now soon to be 60, you better believe he still is…

There have been many pioneers in the black British community – people who have defined an era, changed societal perceptions and made it easier for those who follow to progress in their field. Courtney Pine is such a trailblazer. The Voice

A joyous, dance-inducing celebration of his Afro-Caribbean roots. The Scotsman ****


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