Free: The Vibe Lounge | Suso Strings

SUNDAY 26 MAY - 6:30 PM

Tonight, the Vibe and SUSO Strings shine a light on the incredible works for string orchestra composed by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

Talented musicians from SUSO, the University’s Symphony Orchestra, perform in the Turner Sims Foyer ahead of the evening’s African Tales recital from Samantha Ege And Castle Of Our Skins.

SUSO is one of the leading student orchestras in the UK. They present full professional programs, and promote works by overlooked composers. Their recent sold-out Winter Concert featured Samuel Coleridge- Taylor’s Ballade for Orchestra, conducted by student conductor, Ben Qureshi. Moved by the composer’s music, SUSO have continued to experiment with Coleridge-Taylor’s repertoire.

Make a night of it! Book your ticket for Samantha Ege & Castle of our Skins

What’s The Vibe?
We are a team of passionate 18 – 25 year olds from all over Southampton. Our exciting projects aim to reach young people, highlighting the amazing music scene in our city! We are excited to support this cause in recognising the works of African descended artists. The Vibe Lounge is a new series of pre-concert performances in the foyer programmed by the Vibe Collective.