Looking back: SOUNDSCAPE

SOUNDSCAPE PROJECT was inspired by Turner Sims’ 40th anniversary celebrations.

It was based around a series of events and activities which explored sound in its widest context: from introductions to instruments, musical forms and pieces through workshops and concerts to understanding how sound works through science; accessing ‘invisible’ music via satellites, and celebrating language through creative writing and performance poetry.

SOUNDSCAPE took place at Brookfield Community School in Locks Heath, in partnership with Turner Sims, Tomorrow’s Warriors (Associate Artists of Turner Sims) and the University of Southampton, and grant-aided by Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council. Over 200 children performed a Musical Extravaganza concert led by pianist Peter Edwards and MOBO award-winning vocalist Zara McFarlane. The concert was an exciting event for audience and performers alike, exploring the world of sound in different cultures and inspiring many more young musicians in the months and years to come.