The Complete Concert Project – Schools Concert

Last month saw Stanmore Primary and Sarisbury Junior School exploring ‘behind the scenes at a concert hall’, in a partnership with Hampshire Music Hub.

The Complete Concert Project worked with 190 year 3 & 4 children in Hampshire, with in-school workshops, an in-school performance and a trip for the full concert experience at Turner Sims.

In the lead-up to the concert with us, the children discovered all the elements of making a concert happen, including the different jobs people do in a concert hall and how each part of the team contributes to making sure an event goes smoothly. All of this was finally envisioned for the children, as they attended a concert featuring saxophonist Alex Hitchcock, bassist Joe Downard, pianist Deschanel Gordon and drummer Myele Manzanza at the end of the project. The audience became a part of the band as they performed the piece they had created in the schools workshops but this time with the expanded number of pupils from both schools.

All 190 participants will receive their Arts Award Discover.

When people dance, it gives us energy.. Thank you for your good vibes”

Myele Manzanza

Listening to the music…“made me feel like I am playing a game of chess!”

Pupil from Stanmore Primary School

They enjoyed making links between instruments they knew and those they didn’t, they knew bits about the elements of music to apply their knowledge to. It was interactive and fun and for me as a teacher it is always great CPD to see how the music service present the music.”

Teacher, Bassett Green Primary School

All images © Nosa Malcolm

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