The Complete Concert Project – Schools Workshop

We had so much fun exploring ‘behind the scenes at a concert hall’ with Stanmore Primary and Sarisbury Junior School, in a partnership with Hampshire Music Hub.

The Complete Concert Project works with 190 year 3 & 4 children in Hampshire, with in-school workshops, an in-school performance and a trip for the full concert experience at Turner Sims.

During the 2 in-school workshops we explored who makes a concert happen; not just the musicians, but also those who work alongside them to programme, promote and make the music happen. This insight into the potential creative roles in a concert hall saw the children developing posters to promote the performance at Turner Sims. We also responded to musical scores, exploring how music can inspire and be inspired by graphic scores. We talked about how the music made us feel and what words described the sounds we were hearing.

The children got a special performance in school from Alex Hitchcock and double bass player Joe Downward. The concert was facilitated by music educator Frankie McCormick and allowed the children to explore how the musicians communicated without words, how the instruments and the music could reflect and generate different feelings, and how the musicians worked together and with the audience.

All images © Nosa Malcolm