Upcoming Events


  • Amy T. Zielinski

    Thursday 25 September Monday 1 December

    An exhibition from the American photographer featuring pianists from Alfred Brendel to Benjamin Grosvenor.

  • Physics Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft

    STAG Lecture 2014

    Wednesday 1 October

    Physics Nobel Laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft will be giving the keynote lecture for the University of Southampton’s pioneering Southampton Theory Astrophysics and Gravity (STAG) Research Centre.

  • Allegri Quartet

    Allegri String Quartet

    Thursday 2 October

    The Allegri Quartet perform Hadyn and Tchaikovsky.

  • Confucious Institute | Graceful Melody

    Friday 3 October

    Art Performance for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Confucious Institute and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

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