Count-down to the opening night of the Season…

The count down is on for the start of the Season at Turner Sims. Kicking off our exciting programme of events on 27 September is American pianist Jeremy Denk. Described as ‘a pianist you want to hear no matter what’ by The New York Times, here Jeremy explains in more detail his survey of Western classical music From Medieval to Modern:

The idea of this program is a musical analogy to time-lapse photography: a journey in two hours through seven centuries of Western music, from the 1300s until the present day. In a series of twenty-five short pieces, it will trace the evolution of the musical language, the soundscape—an epic story of human thought and ideals, of what we have found important to express in tones. The first half starts with the troubadors (Binchois’ famous “triste plaisir”), and with the great medieval master Machaut, then passes through the Renaissance (Byrd, Monteverdi), to the Baroque and of course Bach. A brief break, and then from there forward through the great flowering of the Romantic era, watching its expressivity become the chaos and loss of modernity. After this long story, of style succeeding style, the question is: what is style? Do we even know any more? The last piece returns to the beginning, back to the troubadors, now rethought by a millennial composer – trying to take stock of all the history behind us.

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