EXHIBITION: ‘Aliquot’ Elaine Ford and Sharon Harvey

Monday 11 April – Friday 27 May

Elaine Ford and Sharon Harvey are both in the final year of their BA Hons Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. Describing themselves as Painters sharing a passion for materiality and emotive properties of colour, both artists work in print, painting and installation.

Elaine’s focus is the drama of landscape and the sublime; “The sea is my initial starting point and touchstone. The engagement with materials is the way I engage myself with the unconscious and subconscious and actual sea and the concepts of sea I can use in whichever direction I choose. The physical act of pouring and pushing paint around is an important part of my practice. I loose myself in the materiality of the painting process.”

Sharon’s practice is autobiographical and places a strong emphasis on the role of imagination; “I am painting a feeling or a memory and do not use reference sources as I want the paintings to feel instinctive: I see colour as almost a subject in itself. Drawing is integral to my practice and encompasses the performative through gesture as sign, symbol and signifier. Both figurative and abstract marks and motifs become embedded in my subconscious thus references are processed and continue to surface in a repetitive and cyclical manner”.

Both students are currently preparing work for their degree show to be held at Winchester School of Art from 11 – 19 June 2016

Private View: 10 June 6-9pm, all welcome



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