Sea’s The Moment
Jennifer Thorpe

Sunday 8th March – Saturday 18th April

Jennifer lives by the beach on the south coast of England. She is an award winning, self-taught pastel artist who has a fascination and an insatiable desire to paint water in all its forms (clouds, water and ice). Light provides the ever changing ingredient to enhance and display water in all its glory, so whether it’s the sea providing the biggest mirror to reflect and capture the magnificent colours of the sky, or light illuminating the neon blue in icebergs, or the sun shining through the crest of a wave, Jennifer loves to capture all these beautiful images in her unique way with soft pastels. She uses the palms of her hands to rub and her fingers to blend the pastels on the paper, creating a vast body of vibrant and energetic paintings of the sea. Jennifer spends hours photographing and studying water before going back to her studio to paint her moments on paper.


All works on display are available for purchase via the Box Office by cash, card or cheque. For more information about the current exhibition please contact Jilly Evans via email: je1p07@soton.ac.uk

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