Kezia Davies & Donna Thomas


Turner Sims is pleased to exhibit the work of two Winchester School of Art students from Monday 6th June – Friday 22nd July.

Kezia Davies

My practice comprises two halves; one rooted in textiles and one in painting. Textiles as a fine art medium is a recent development in my work which means I am still navigating my way around this new and expansive medium and realising the extent of how time consuming it is. I wanted to create work that would both counteract and work in harmony with something so slow-paced and I came to the conclusion that I needed a fast, cathartic outlet to balance my work in textiles. This is how these paintings came to fruition.

These pieces are at first an exploration of automatism, not by use of a mechanical technique to eliminate any conscious decisions, but by retreating into my own subconscious to the extent that I am no longer seeing what is in front of me. This technique is then balanced with free, but still very much intentional stitches over the top and I repeat this process until a sense of balance and harmony emerges.

Donna Thomas

I see my work as an unceasing stream of images, forms, marks, and patterns which are found in nature and deep within the human psyche creating a visual language which has a meaningful and spiritual connection with nature which I believe connects us to our primordial selves. This work explores the rhythm of nature which is constantly shifting. This is realised via the flux of aesthetic energy and the materials used within the work are chaotic in nature, the work comes together within this alchemic fusion to give form to the piece. The paintings are mindscapes of the depth, complexity, dynamic of the mind and nature at work this transcends the semantic dimension it delves into ones’ emotions. This state of flow allows the world to fall away and time and space to be altered.

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