TURNER SIMS FOYER: Friday 23 June – Saturday 22 July

Journeys of the Othered is a multi-media exhibition with pieces created by nine students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in Higher Education about their own educational journeys. The exhibition has been curated by the students, who have been mentored by local artists, consultants, and technicians.

This exhibition is brought to Southampton by the Real Student Stories project by Emily Bastable, Vice President of Education and Democracy (22/23) at the University of Southampton. The aim of the project is to reflect the diversity at the University of Southampton and consider the strengths of the students who find themselves navigating Higher Education.

The students all come from a variety of backgrounds and are studying a diverse range of courses, from Business to Health Sciences. They have been working since December on their artistic submissions with a mentor selected for them by the project.

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Facing the Day (Inés Borley)
Facing the Day is a gouache animation exploring themes of anxiety and depression. Inés Borley is a first-year archaeology and anthropology student studying in Southampton. She has a background in mixed media with a focus on oil pastel and acrylic; her work is characterised by its bold use of texture and colour.

Maduabuchi Aniekwe

Dark Green (Maduabuchi Aniekwe)
Maduabuchi Aniekwe is passionate about creative writing, reading, and researching. He believes that if judiciously utilised, these tools have the power to positively sensitise, impact, break stereotypes, and spread hope. This project snappily captures his perseverance and inspirational experiences to empower disadvantaged but industrious students on how he came to the UK on a fully funded scholarship against all odds.

Orange (Bilal)
Bilal is a first-year medic at Southampton. He was born in Faisalabad, a city in Pakistan, raised in Italy from the age of two, and moved to the UK at sixteen with his family as his father searched for a better education for his children. Orange is about Bilal’s challenging journey to studying medicine in the UK.

The Perfect Blues (Nicola Alina Nnkiru Ezekude)
Nicola Alina Nnkiru Ezekude is an autistic poet and academic with a passion for entertainment and storytelling. Journeys of the Othered has uncovered an unprecedented creativity and marks her official artistic debut. Heavily inspired by Korean popular music, Japanese animation and British landscapes, Nicola has crafted experiences from her upbringing to present The Perfect Blues.

Iona Bateman

Moving Still (Iona Bateman)
Iona Bateman is a second year Physiotherapy student who sustained a hand disability following a boxing injury in Russia which propelled her from the world of photography and journalism to a career in healthcare. Moving Still documents Iona’s journey to studying physiotherapy at the University of Southampton illustrating the chaotic paths our lives can take in leading us to unexpected destinations.

Yellow (Liu Xiao)
Liu Xiao is from China, currently studying Education at the University of Southampton. Yellow follows his journey of confidence, from dropping out of high school to his attending University.

Rose Land (Zhaodi)
The artist explores the treatment of Chinese women and the challenges they face.

Yijia Luo

Knife mouth, tofu heart (Yijia Luo)
‘My mother is Knife mouth,tofu heart. Who am I? I am strong heart. This is the story of finding myself in broken English, finding my voice beyond language.’

Angelina Yb Der Arakelian

Just A Little More (Angelina Yb Der Arakelian)
Angelina is a published author and international graduate student of Film and English at the University of Southampton. Just A Little More captures the essence of her story, depicting two sides of her face. On the left is a young woman who is constrained by old traditional ways, which is slowly killing her. On the right is a young woman who has adapted to new opportunities that she had not opened her eyes to yet and is now rejuvenated.

Exhibition Opening Hours:

The exhibition is open to the public from Friday 23 June – Saturday 22 July

Turner Sims is open from 10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, or 10am to 15 minutes after event/concert start time.

At weekends, Turner Sims is open from two hours before event start time until 15 minutes after event start time.

Real Student Stories | Journeys of the Othered is presented by Southampton University Student Union and supported by Turner Sims and University of Southampton

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