Winchester School of Art Students

30 May – 24 June, 2017


Hannah Ellis studies Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. In her recent work, she initially responds to her synaesthesia (the condition where a stimulation of one sense triggers another at the same time), in which she associates people with colour, by making abstract gestures with acrylic paint, referring to figures in her original photographs. She then contrastingly incorporates methods of Action painting, by spontaneously applying pouring, splashing and dripping effects and random brushstrokes. The positive tone of the colours and applied materials are additionally used to reflect the childlike and carefree process of painting.


Vania McLeod is a sculptor whose work is made of found and unwanted objects she also enjoys observing the unseen in our surroundings using a microscope and usually combining the micro and macro in one body of work. The works shown here are microscopic images mainly of spiders’ webs – an unnoticeable and fascinating parallel world. Limited edition of four high quality prints are available.


Jessie Plumley – Whilst studying fine art at WSA, she has created varied paintings of abstract landscapes, drawing visual influence from the natural world around her, music and her own self-expression to form expressive dream-like landscapes.

Image by Vania McLeod

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