Turner Sims Foyer Exhibition Monday 11th June – Friday 27th July 2018

This exhibition showcases work by four students from Winchester School of Art’s Fine Art Department.

Henry Frampton
Drawing inspiration from how objects decay and patina over time my practise centres largely around the materiality of the work. Utilising a range of different materials from taxidermy animals, concrete, metal, glass, crystal and foam my work tends towards nature, especially human interaction with nature. While largely sculpture based, my practise also encompasses painting, drawing and installation.

Moylin Ho Knit Chong
Recently I’ve been looking into the aspects of intimacy, and the tenderness that comes with that. I think that each one of us gets drawn into their own bubble, each person’s world of their own. A gaze, a touch can create a whole world being built on nostalgia. I like the idea of eyes being on the walls, a type of voyeurism into the simplest of things being beautiful. These drawings are part of a series exploring that, can drawing a subject be a journey of intimacy?

Tina Lane
I am a British visual artist whose interdisciplinary art practice incorporates installation, sculpture, photography, mixed media and performance. My projects develop site responsively, in collaboration and dialogue with people places and psychology. I do not follow a linear thought process but the subconscious. The gut feeling, the instinct, the obsessive compulsion demanding to be followed.

Imprimis II is about what we leave behind. On one level it refers to the making of the work. As artists we must consider the environmental impact of creating in terms of waste so by using every part of the material the aim is for zero waste.

On a deeper level it examines the traces we leave behind as we move through life. The remains of my resins are the broken; the jagged fragments of unwanted leftovers yet too beautiful to throw away. I would save and love them. Turning what many would cast aside into art. They are the remains of what were, so I keep them like memories. They were the beginning, the first. The Imprimis.

Bryn Lloyd
Working towards de-conditioning the ideas of art being solely aesthetic, creating a dialogue between artist and participator.

Using uncommon materials as well equally the viewer for the outcome to be generated.

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