Lucy Ash’s new exhibition at Turner Sims features a cycle of works created as a response to the melodies, lyrics and themes of jazz artist Trish Clowes’ latest album.

Echoes is the visual expression of a rich inner dialogue exploring ideas around mythology, migration, and time – all recurring themes in Lucy’s work. In their vibrancy and colour, her paintings echo and complement the sound world offered by Clowes and her ensemble.

Iris 01 and 02 and the studies created in preparation of the two main canvasses consider the symbolism of Iris. An abstract interplay of air and water (suggested by the cloud-nymph/sea-god coupling that resulted in her birth), the association of Iris with the physical eye and with a rainbow – itself a bridge between the different aspects of self. The canvasses also express the hope and vitality Iris is seen to represent.

Homeland, Distant Voices, Fragments and Silent Ties explore the theme of forced migration. Homeland 1, 2 & 3 evoke both the intransigent landscape as well as migratory flows. Distant Voices and Fragments relate to memory and the preservation of cultural rituals evident among displaced people. Silent Ties was inspired by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian’s deeply moving description of the silent void left in cultures as a result of forced migration.

Notions of time are represented by Time Sleeps.

The Improvisation studies focus on the restorative power of music – joyously lifting the heart and soothing the soul.

All works are for sale. Please ask Box Office (023 8059 5151) for further details. 

Prices range between £345 – £3900. See the catalogue for a full list of works. 


Image (top): Rainbow by Lucy Ash
Image (bottom): Iris by Lucy Ash

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