INTERN INSIGHTS: Introducing Nomuhle Mlalazi

We find out more about new Music Showcase Intern at the University of Southampton’s Music Department, Nomuhle Mlalazi…

I’m really excited to start my internship with Turner Sims and working with the Music Department and gain insight into the cogs that function behind every performance and musician’s artistry. I had a great time doing my music undergraduate degree here; performing and watching other students’ recitals in Turner Sims was always a highlight. Through it I grew an interest in music management, hence why I’m back to do a masters in International Music Management. I am really passionate about seeing a support system that gives musicians and artists a platform where they can develop and showcase their creativity, particularly those at the beginning of their careers.

In this internship I hope to grow and learn the necessary practical skills needed to navigate the fast-paced business side of music, particularly in interpersonal, administrative, and marketing. It will be even more interesting and valuable during these times where the music industry has had to adapt to the current situations, especially in the live music sector, whilst keeping up with the increased demand and consumption of music – and all from home!

I have turned to music a lot to help me through the lockdowns, revisiting old favourites and discovering new ones. It’s really amazing how music has the ability to lift your spirits! I have found a new hobby in finding walking and hiking trails too which has come in handy for lockdown number three.

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