INTERN INSIGHTS: Issy McMichael reflects on her internship experience…

University of Southampton Music student Issy McMichael reflects on her experience as Turner Sims Concert Promotions Intern. 



Interning at Turner Sims over the past year has been such a fantastic experience. Working behind the scenes curating programmes, advertisements and developing skills in how to successfully promote concerts has taught me how to effectively use my creativity.

A big highlight for me was In The Alps, having worked behind the scenes on programming and promotion, it was so great to see it all come together. Seeing fellow musicians from the University of Southampton Music Department play in the concert made it all the more special. Getting to grips with social media and its important role in concert promotion is something that I have also really enjoyed, especially being given the freedom to be as creative as possible and seeing how new and inventive ways of marketing can really target an audience!

As well as everything I’ve learnt, interning at Turner Sims would not have been such a great experience without the people I have met during my time there, working in such an environment surrounded by creative people. I am so sad that my time at Turner Sims has been cut short but that does not take away from the fantastic experiences I have had!

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