Welcome to the first edition of our Intern Insights series. As you may know, we are fortunate to have a band of brilliant, enthusiastic University of Southampton students completing internships at Turner Sims. With the country on lockdown, their intern experience will certainly be unique!

Every day this week, one of our interns will share the music that is getting them through this extraordinary time.  So if you’re eager for new music, looking for some musical inspiration, or perhaps a student in the first week of term and getting to grips with remote studying, look after your wellbeing and enjoy a moment of calm escapism. First up is Music Showcase Intern Laura Robertson

I love listening to and playing in orchestras, so the music I’m turning to in this strange time is mostly orchestral. I really enjoy finding the spirited, grand and slightly quirky pieces – such as Marquez’s Danzon No 2 – and pieces from film scores. I am a huge fan of film music, and I include two of my favourites from some brilliant films that I am also turning to at this time!

I have included a few pieces on this playlist that I have played in ensembles, and I hope you enjoy one of Eric Whitacre’s most substantial works as much as I do. Nigel Hess’ finale to his East Coast Pictures suite is so uplifting and inspiring I just had to include it. I played both of these pieces with orchestras that perform at Turner Sims every Spring, so it also brings me back to the concert hall.

The student collaborative In the Alps concert was a hugely successful project between Turner Sims and the music department that I loved helping out with, really standing out in my memory. I was really looking forward to hearing the Seed Ensemble and Sam Sweeney’s band perform later in the season, I hope to see both of them at a later date.

Listen to Laura’s Monday playlist

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