INTERN INSIGHTS: Summer Nights Playlist

Interested in our Summer Nights series but don’t know what to expect? Concert Promotions Intern Becky Davies has put together a playlist of her favourite recordings by the artists to provide a musical taster…

Danza de los Spiritus – Omar Puente

The opening track of Puente’s 2016 sophomore album Best Foot Forward is a vivacious, full of life jazz number that leaves you in the mood to dance. Cuba’s influence on Puente’s music is clear here, with an uplifting calypso beat and a brilliant violin riff towards the end. This is sure to sound wonderful on a summer’s evening in Turner Sims – let’s just hope we have the weather to match!

En La Noche – Omar Puente

Puente’s talent as a musician is accented by the gorgeous female vocals on this track, describing ‘my place of peace that calls me in my dreams’. And that is exactly where this song transports you – it’s super chilled out and blissful to listen to.

Out of Time: IV. Lively – Jonathan Dove, Sacconi Quartet

Out of Time is a quartet that makes up part of Jonathan Dove’s In Demascus, a composition influenced by Syrian poet Ali Safar. Sacconi Quartet recently released a film of them performing it in a derelict Victorian Theatre to raise money for the Hands Up Foundation; the whole piece is moving, journeying through different tempos, but there is something especially evocative about this fourth part.

String Quartet in C, Op 54, No 2: Vivace – Sacconi Quartet

Described as a conversation between between four musical voices, Haydn’s quartets sound brilliant when played by Sacconi Quartet. Vivace in particular is a stunning piece that sounds excellent in their 2009 recording of Haydn’s Quartets

Allemande – Gary Ryan

Gary Ryan and Craig Ogden are talented transcribers of classical music for the guitar, and Ryan’s interpretation of Bach’s Cello Suite is no exception. The guitar adds a totally different dimension to the piece, to the extent that it almost sounds like it was made for the guitar in the first place.

Birds Flew Over The Spire – Craig Ogden and Gary Ryan

Ogden and Ryan collaborated on a few songs for Ogden’s 2010 album The Guitarist, but Birds Flew Over The Spire is particularly special. It is calming, ethereal and really seems to tell a story. Although these compositions from The Guitarist do not feature on the programme, we can certainly look forward to some brilliant duets as well as solo pieces when these two guitar heroes grace our stage.

For all these and more, check out the full Summer Nights playlist on Spotify:

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