Introducing our new Music Showcase Intern: Georgina Gatehouse


My experience as a Turner Sims SHOWCASE Intern so far, has been invaluable. Playing an active role in providing performance and live music opportunities both in Turner Sims and on campus for students, is something which I have taken particular enjoyment in. This is because I am passionate about musicians having spaces to showcase and develop their performance skills.  I have also enjoyed the variety of other tasks that this internship has involved, including setting up tech, stage managing, and creating concert programmes. All of these are skills I did not have before undertaking this internship and I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to be educated in such things.

Before the internship comes to an end, I hope to continue to motivate my peers to engage with and make the most of all of the wonderful culture Turner Sims has to offer our campus. I am also very excited about the upcoming In the Alps concert as it is a perfect display of the partnership between Turner Sims and the UoS Music Department.

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