Maggie’s soundtrack to a day in lockdown…

As we continue to explore why music is so important to us in these strange days, we asked Turner Sims Front of House Manager Maggie to share her lockdown soundtrack with us… 

‘My playlist is more of a soundtrack to a day in Lock Down: It’s a bit of a mood playground but you should be able to guess which songs are playing over the dancing-in-the-kitchen moments and which is playing over the bit-where-I-write-my-will. It does go into a bit of a downward slide towards night time – I obviously miss being at work!…and my social life so, yes, The Evening Gathering is sarcastic– but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experiencing a barrage of mixed emotions in these peculiar times.

If you’re wondering why Moonlight In Glory seems to occur in the morning, it’s because I use the album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts to exercise to. It has a persistent rhythm throughout which works very well with yogic breathing (and it’s brilliant) The rest probably explain themselves if you listen to the mood rather than just the words.

I have included The Balanescu Quartet and The Warsaw Village Band, not just because they’ve both played at Turner Sims, but because I think Maria T is one of the best albums ever and I have loved The WVB ever since their concert at TS. I include the Bulgarian female vocal choir because I have to keep nagging Kevin to try and programme them in!

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again. Stay safe and keep sane.’


Listen to Maggie’s soundtrack to a day in lockdown here

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