Praise for ‘Wave’ by Jilly Evans

Jilly Evans, artist and Box Office Supervisor at Turner Sims, exhibited Wave at Southampton Boat Show in September. Here, we celebrate the excellent public response to her work.

Wave is the result of a collaboration between the University of Southampton, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Turner Sims Southampton. The idea evolved over a pot of tea shared between Moira MacLean (UoS) and Jilly Evans, when they discussed how to artistically display the plethora of marine plastic litter that had been fished out of the water in Empress Dock, home of the Research Vessel Callista, during spring 2018.

Wave’s intention is to highlight the vast quantities of non-biodegradable plastic currently in the world’s oceans, which is not going to disappear. Once it’s reached the sea there is nowhere else for it to go. The idea of repurposing out of date brochures and flyers from Turner Sims, by inviting people to turn them into origami boats, write pledges on them and then float them on Wave, is to encourage us all to think positively about what we can do to reduce our use of plastic rather than be overwhelmed by it.

Jilly Evans graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2002 with a degree in Fine Art. She was recently one of the artists in residence at God’s House Tower (a medieval building not far from the School of Ocean and Earth Science) working on the Arts Council funded project GHT-a-reincarnation. Her practice uses Craft to make Art to provoke Thought, instead of fabric, thread and yarn, her usual medium, she has used chicken wire, plastic and wood to make this installation. As well as working as a visual artist from her studio at the Arches in Southampton she also works at Turner Sims, where she runs the Box Office for the University’s renowned concert hall and also curates exhibitions in the foyer.

Wave really made me think about the plastic I use daily. I will try my best to reduce my use of single use plastic.Anne Fisher

It is incredible to see how much plastic waste is out there! A really good way of making people think about how much plastic they use in their daily lives.Jenny

What an eye-opener! How good that this display is child-friendly so the young generation can learn what their parents/grandparents have done wrong. Lyn

We loved your exhibition. So informative. We classify ourselves as ‘old hands’ to conservation, recycling etc, but your stand was SOOO informative we learnt loads more. Please promote sea grass for conservation of coastlines. Thank you. – Ian and Sue McConnell

Great display – like the wave!Jeremy Smallsood

A brilliant exhibition thank you, as a mum of two small children, it’s so important to do our bit and also encourage the next generation too.Anonymous

Really pleased to create more awareness… let’s hope we can make the changes quickly and save more marine life <3Ali J

Thank you, great exhibitsAnonymous

Everyone is responsible for litter, and everyone is responsible to recycle and clean up to help save the planet, we all produce litter, we should all dispose of it responsibly!!M Shailey

I made an amazing boat so now I’m going sailing!H. Scott (also drew a shark eating litter)

Such a fantastic display and brilliant team. Thank you. – Emma

Great display, makes you really think. Thank you. – Anonymous

I’m surprised to see how much rubbish is in the sea.Olivia H, aged 10, Thornhill Primary School

Do not put rubbish in the sea it hurts animals.Demi, aged 5

Amazing art work, great creation. Very interesting!C. Jemmina, Kanes Hill Primary

Brilliant, interesting display. Loved seeing and hearing all about the sea creatures. The children enjoyed it too especially the flood defence challenge.W. Hill

Depressing that we love doing this to our planet but a great art piece inc wave link to movement.Atenill

This is really interesting love the wave. Amazing! The display is really evocative – definitely really interesting. I’ve always wanted to go and so it’s nice that there is something here for students.C.D.

Everyone helping from Southampton University are so helpful, friendly and enthusiastic about what they do. I have been very impressed with how kind they are to the children. The kids loved seeing the sea creatures, the wave machine with Lego and making origami boats. Such good fun, really great to find you here this year. I support all the work you are doing into plastic reduction. Anonymous

Everyone was so kind and this was so much fun to learn about everything. It was the BEST TIME EVER!!Anonymous

I thought about all the poor animals. Love it. Plastic bad, people bad, recycling good!Anonymous

Good to see this being promoted.A. Morse from IOW

Shows the amount of rubbish we produce.Kasm

Thanks!! For helping me make a boat. Lily

It was astonishing to see so much non-biodegradable waste gathered at the local shoreline. Credits to you Jilly for taking the initiative and meetup with Moira to create this artistic statement. I hope that you continue to find different settings and events to feature the work and increase awareness.Jay

Great project Jilly! <3 Well done.Gemma Wood, Allston Violet

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