Quick Questions: Ashley Henry


University of Southampton Music Showcase Intern Anna Palethorpe talks to Ashley Henry ahead of Thursday 29 October, when he is due to perform live at Turner Sims. In the meantime, press play on this great live recording and get to know this brilliant artist a little better – read on!


AP: How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard it before?

AH: New, cutting edge sounds, deeply rooted and inspired by the sounds of London’s sound system culture, hip hop and traditional jazz.


AP: What do you hope to portray through your music?

AH: My music is a journey through many styles and genres whilst still maintaining that alpha jazz narrative. When we play live, every show is a unique experience between us and the listener, a true reflection of the now.


AP: Who inspires your music?

AH: Herbie Hancock, Madlib, Terence Blanchard to name a few.


AP: What has been your biggest success to date?

AH: After releasing my debut album Beautiful Vinyl Hunter in September 2019 I went on to selling out my headline Show in London and won Album of the Year at the Jazz Japan Awards – and being the only Jazz album to have been awarded BBC Radio 6 Album of the Year that year.


AP: How does writing music on your own differ from collaborative work?

AH: I’m very specific with my writing and how I want everything to sound, so my sound and voice clearly runs through everything, however when I’m collaborating I love the challenge of bouncing ideas and being able to complement someone else’s creative voice and sound. All of the results have exceeded my expectations so far, especially with artists from a completely different background from mine which is the beauty of collaborations for me.


Ashley Henry performs at Turner Sims on Thursday 29 October 8pm

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