Quick Questions: Gisela João

Turner Sims Intern Rosie Sewell talks to Fado sensation Gisela João ahead of her performance here on Saturday 1 June… 


RS: Firstly, some listeners from the UK may not know what fado is. How would you describe fado, and what does it mean to you?
Fado for me is an extension of life. It’s poetry, simple pure poetry (but the most complex at the same time). I believe in love, for that I like to sing about love, I believe our life goes around love, every episode in our life derives from love.

RS: You recently appeared on Stereossauro’s album Bairro da Ponte, and also collaborated with Xinobi on the single Fardo Para Esta Noite. What was it like to collaborate with these artists?
GJ: It was super natural, because it’s a part of me too. And for me these songs are fados too.

RS: What is your favourite song you have released?
GJ: Ouuuups! Difficult question… I love all of them in the same way but Madrugada sem sono, Meu amigo está longe, As rosas não falam, Labirinto and Llorona.

RS: You are incredibly busy, touring almost non-stop! What is your dream day off?
GJ: Being at home with my cats, sleeping, doing embroidery and crochet, sleeping again, cooking, receiving friends… ahhhh! ❤️


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