Review: Snowpoet

Following our first concerts with in-person audiences for 2021, Concert Promotions Intern Becky Davies shares her experience of Snowpoet

It was amazing to see some live music for the first time in 18 months on Saturday, and I’m immensely glad that it was Snowpoet that offered me this re-introduction. I’ve really enjoyed listening to their latest album, Wait For Me, over the last few weeks in the lead up to this concert, but it is even better live.

I loved how Lauren Kinsella’s vocals harmonised with the violin and saxophone, and how gorgeous and rich they sound in person. Snowpoet’s music is so ethereal; they seem to transport you somewhere else entirely with their evocative storytelling. Sky Thinking and Burn Bright were particularly memorable – there were moments throughout the night where the instruments dominated, but these songs seemed to really showcase Kinsella and Chris Hyson’s talents as songwriters.

Credit Dave Stapleton

There was a great balance of upbeat tracks such as With You, and the more chilled Here’s The Thing, which was a real highlight in terms of showcasing Kinsella’s vocals and the power of combining singing with the spoken word. It was really nice to hear songs from their earlier albums as well as from Wait For Me – my favourite song of the night was definitely The Therapist, but I also adored the harmonies on their cover of Gillian Welch’s Dear Someone.

Although the socially distanced crowd was small, the atmosphere was great and if the rapturous applause was anything to go by, a brilliant time was had by all. Snowpoet is certainly a band to look out for – I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Becky Davies, Concert Promotions Intern

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