Boyan Ensemble of Kiev

Boyan Ensemble of KievBoyan Ensemble of Kiev

Sacred Chants & Songs of Ukraine

  • Thursday 26 September , 7:30 pm 10:00 pm

The Boyan Ensemble of Kiev presents a programme of compelling intensity and precision: the first half  evokes the spiritual drama and gold-encrusted atmosphere of the Eastern Orthodox tradition, while in the second, songs of  joy, humour and nostalgia convey the rich folk culture of Ukraine.

For those who have not heard them before,   the Boyan Ensemble is known for its mastery of vocal technique, with delicately floated pianissimos and breathtakingly brilliant fortes.  Awesome bass voices  are a trademark, and  a single lyric soprano soloist, Valentina Ivanenko, complements the sonorous tones of the otherwise all-male ensemble.

“A thrilling gamut of sound”

“One of the finest choirs on the planet”

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