A Southampton Summer Night 2023

FRIDAY 14 JULY - 7:00 PM

It’s time to pack your picnic and dust off your dancing shoes – A Southampton Summer Night is BACK! This year, we’ve invited The Art House CIC to guest curate the evening, and once again it’s a perfect celebration of the wealth of unique musical talent in Southampton.

From 6.30pm Bring your picnic and blanket and join us in the stunning gardens at Highfield Campus outside Turner Sims. The foyer and bar will be open with its usual range of beers and wine, or you could try our Summer Nights cocktail or treat yourself to a delicious organic ice cream.

Make the most of The Art House To Go on sale in the foyer tonight! Made with lots of love, their delicious vegan snacks, pastries and cakes (with low gluten options available) will make the perfect addition to your Summer Night picnic.


7pm – 7.45pm in the foyer: Babsie Brown and the Miniature Orchestra

Start your evening in the Turner Sims Foyer, as four fully grown humans play dark tunes on ridiculously small instruments. Babsie Brown and The Miniature Orchestra are taking over the world via the medium of tiny things. It looks kinda funny, but sounds remarkably rad.

Aniya Savage voice, ukulele bass, tiny piano, kazoo
Joel Knee voice, pianos, plastic trombone, kazoo, ukulele
Kate Mellors voice, pianos, kazoo, piccolo
Kieran Murphy voice, tiny drums, tiny percussion, kazoo


8pm – 8.45pm in the auditorium: Spitdust

Spitdust create cinematic soundscapes from a patchwork of original modern folk and experimental rock. The resulting futuristic sound takes you on a journey quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before. They often draw upon the retro-futurist nostalgia of 1960s and 1970s counterculture and science fiction. Their 2019 album Mirror People was a reimagining of traditional English music in a post-industrial age. In their latest album The Silent Star, the world has come to an end, its echoes drifting through outer space.

Grahame Cleaver bass, beats
Richard ‘Bas’ Barret keyboard
Paul Charisse guitar
Ros Mizen voice
Dan Little guitar


8.45 – 9.15pm in the foyer: Albert de Lyon Interval Walkabout

During the interval, make sure you bump into golden grandee Albert de Lyon. Under the exclusive management of entertainer Guy Heathcote, Albert is one of Hampshire’s most distinguished and decorated big cats. When not combing his mane, polishing his crown or napping under the nearest tree, you may catch him playing paw-tapping tunes on his trusty squeezebox, ‘Samba’. Alternatively, he might be in the mood to share one of his many dexterous party tricks, which are sure to earn a roar of approval. Or perhaps he’ll simply drop in for a purr-sonable chinwag with his adopted pride? It’s always hard to tell with Albert… and who’s going to argue with an actual LION???


9.15pm – 10pm in the auditorium: Pip Summers and the Wandering Waterbears

A showcase from Southampton singer-songwriter Pip Summers. Wherever there is music and good vibes, you can find her somewhere close by, singing her heart out to an ever-growing, appreciative crowd. Expect a finely-tuned balance of controlled, chaotic fun, honest and heartfelt (but tuneful) screaming, and an emotional earnestness that runs through everything this Shouty-Acoustic transfemme multi-instrumentalist does. Tonight, she is joined by her band of merry boys, The Wandering Waterbears.

Pip Summers guitar, voice
Jess Turpin bass
Lewis Bond guitar
Bailey Harcourt drums


10pm – 10.50pm in the foyer: DJ Sir Hubert Carpet

Head back to the foyer, where the bar is still open and the music is playing. Sir Hubert Carpet may be better known to many as Paul Bickmore (or ‘Bik’), one of the founding directors of The Art House CIC. Bik’s roots lie deep in ambient, downtempo and psychedelic genres. Expect tribal beats, electronic textures, psytrance and an ethereal worldbeat fusion with a smattering of ambient house. It will be a transcendent musical journey into vibrant sonic colours and pulsating rhythms. Feel the beat. Shuffle your feet.


IN ADVANCE: Standard £14 Friends £12.60 Students & under 18s £7
ON THE DAY: Standard £17 Friends £15.30 Students & under 18s £9

A Southampton Summer Night 2023 is guest curated by the Art House CIC in partnership with Turner Sims

The Art House CIC is a venue and social centre that has been hosting live events in Southampton’s Cultural Quarter for the past fourteen years. The 121 year old building has been the host to some of the very best up-coming talent from Hampshire, the UK and beyond. In a single weekend you can see classical guitar, punk or hip-hop, depending what day you walk in. As well as live music, The Art House offers performance poetry, storytelling and comedy as well as workshops and classes, drop-in community cafe events, a regular community pantry and a meeting space for groups.