Alfred Brendel | My Musical Life


The legendary pianist Alfred Brendel made his final concert appearance with the Vienna Philharmonic on 18 December 2008.

Since then he has turned to his second great passion, the written word. His books, essays and poetry, written in German, have been translated into many languages and he continues to give lectures, talks and poetry readings at major festivals and concert halls throughout Europe and North America. His most recent book, A Pianist’s A to Z, was published in English in 2013.

In this evening’s lecture, Alfred, no friend of autobiographies, presents a survey of his musical life. The emphasis is on the word ‘musical’ as he holds the opinion that the private person and the artist are not an equation, and one doesn’t necessarily illuminate the other. He considers what stimulated, formed and amused him in the course of his distinguished career, and to point out how it is feasible in this profession to remain largely independent.