Artistic Temperaments: Clementi’s Waltzes | With David Owen Norris


Percussion instruments are not often imagined in a Georgian drawing-room. Clementi knew that even those members of the family who couldn’t sing or play a conventional instrument nonetheless needed opportunities for display. His Twelve Waltzes with accompaniment of tambourine and triangle form his answer to this dilemma. The instruments are cunningly chosen to complement the Grecian dresses of those high-waisted Jane Austen heroines, and to display their arms even as they frowned over their complicated notated percussion parts. One suspects that perhaps they ended up simply tinkling at random – but ours will be a musicologically rigorous performance of Clementi’s original conception, enhanced by a jolly orchestration such as may have graced a Lord-Lieutenant’s ball.

In between sets of waltzes, students will play some of Clementi’s Sonatinas on our 1796 Broadwood pianoforte. These are perhaps the most widely played piano pieces of all, and still as fresh and tuneful as they were two centuries ago.

Performed by a student band, this event will include Clementi’s Waltzes with obligato triangle and tambourine, which are found in Jane Austen’s music collection, and some of his sonatinas (played on the 1796 Broadwood Grand Pianoforte).

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9 – 11 February, times variable over the festival
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