Aziza Brahim


The Sahrawi, an ethnically diverse Arab-Berber people in the western part of the Sahara, have fought for independence from Morocco for generations. Aziza Brahim witnessed this conflict first-hand, growing up in a refugee camp in western Algeria. In touch with her passion for music from an early age, she played her first small concerts there. After winning a local singing contest, she toured Mauritania and Algeria with several Sahrawi bands. With her uniquely powerful voice, the singer has become an eloquent representative of her people to listeners both in her native region and in Europe.

Live, she accompanies her vocals with a large tabal drum and plays with a stellar cast of international musicians. Spanish guitars, djembes, sabar and other drums meld with electric bass and keyboard to form a coherent sound full of summery warmth and poetry. Music that not only conveys the sorrow of the past, but also hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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