Catrin Finch & CimarrÓn


With support from Paperhouse: Turner Sims Foyer, 7.15pm

A rare chance to witness a thrilling global collaboration. Back in 2007, Welsh harpist Catrin Finch met with Colombian joropo band Cimarrón and embarked on an exhilarating tour of Wales, a collaboration repeated in 2009 and 2010. Ten years later, Catrin and Cimarrón meet again to tour the UK.

Catrin Finch is one of the world’s leading harp players, whose career has featured both solo performances with the world’s top orchestras, and collaborations with some of the leading world music artists, including Toumani Diabate and Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita.

The 6-piece Grammy-nominated Cimarrón perform joropo dance music from the cattle-rearing plains of the Orinoco, rooted in a deep tradition defined by the mestizo mixed heritage of African, Spanish and indigenous cultures. Led by harpist and composer Carlos Rojas, Cimarrón make wild, untamed music that preserves the spirit of freedom found in one of the world’s most untouched regions. Fast paced and powerful, this is music with impetuous singing, amazing stomp dancing and fierce instrumental virtuosity of strings and percussion.

They matched furious songs and wild dance routines with subtle instrumental work. The Guardian

Their female dancer, in a gorgeous dress from some 19th century ballroom, swirls in a deadly-looking courting ritual round a stamping male, and a sensual past breathes again. The Independent on Cimarron at WOMAD 2009


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Turner Sims Foyer: 7.15pm

Paperhouse are a female-fronted 4 piece indie-folk band based in Southampton. They write and perform original music blending unique vocal stylings with experimental song structures to create interesting and original soundscapes.