Brian Finnegan whistles, flutes
Sarah Allen flutes, accordion
Ed Boyd guitar
John Joe Kelly bodhran

Taking inspiration from their roots in the Irish and English traditions, Flook have an enviable trademark sound, weaving and spinning traditionally rooted tunes over precise acoustic grooves, with a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance, delicate ensemble interaction and a bold, adventurous musical imagination. There is certainly no shortage of virtuosity amongst the members of Flook, but the unique impact of this band stems from the wholly intuitive, almost symbiotic, exchange between the various flutes, frets and skins. Twenty four years after their first gig together, Flook continue to inspire and enchant audiences of all ages. Tonight they perform material from their most recent release Ancora.

Virtuoso playing abounds … the most creative bodhran player on the planet … superb technique plus a genuine feel and some stonking tunes is a powerful recipe. MOJO

Flook are back with a bang, and better than ever – a very welcome return from one of folk’s finest bands. Irish Music Magazine

Wow. Just wow… music to lift you up and make your heart beat faster… celtbritfolkmusic.net