Jazz As Social Machine


4pm Pre-concert Roundtable discussion

The age of AI jazz is dawning. Huge advances in computing power and machine learning technology mean that algorithms can now improvise in the style of the jazz greats. Can a computer really compose great jazz?

For the launch of a new project, band leader and composer, Dan Mar-Molinero, and the ensemble are joined by two of the leading voices in international jazz, Julian Argüelles and Jasper Høiby. The band showcase the exceptional pedigree of jazz musicians who all share a deep connection to Southampton; whether through Southampton Youth Jazz Orchestra, the University of Southampton, or as musicians embedded within the city.

Featuring music from Dan’s new album, the concert will also include responses to the music from a very special guest from Taiwan: the Jazz Transformer Algorithm, an artificial intelligence project that can create non-human jazz solos. A fascinating scenario whereby computer technology will be improvising, possibly for the first time at Turner Sims!

4pm Join us for a roundtable discussion chaired by Dr Thomas Irvine, Associate Professor in Music and Turing Fellow with Jasper Høiby, Julian Argüelles and Dan Mar-Molinero. Featuring special guest Dame Wendy Hall FRS, Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton.


Event produced by the University of Southampton Department of Music, Turner Sims Southampton and the Southampton Web Science Institute in association with the Southampton Institute for Arts and Humanities.

This event is supported by The Alan Turing Institute. The Turing is not involved in the agenda or content planning.

Julian Argüelles saxophones
Jasper Høiby bass

Dan Mar-Molinero Director

Saxophones/ Reeds:
Nick Willshire, Luke Montgomery, Joe Lodge, Caitlin Jeffery

Neil Doherty, Dave Smith, Jamie Wall, Jo Downs

Olli Martin, Harvey Tongs, Joe Evans

Matt Rumble tuba

Rhythm Section:
Rob Johnston guitar
Ben Oliver piano
James Ashdown drums

Excerpts from the Jazz as Social Machine concert will be featured on Season 2 (The Search for Jazz AI) of the Sounding History Podcast, a co-production of the University of Southampton and Texas Tech University.

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