Mark Lockheart’s ‘dreamers’


Mark Lockheart saxophones
Dan Nicholls keyboards
Tom Herbert bass guitar
Dave Smith drums

Dreamers is the new project from British saxophonist and composer Mark Lockheart, featuring a stellar line-up of talent. Stylistically free and slightly psychedelic in nature, the formation of Dreamers signals a new trajectory for the musician who has already featured on a wide ranging and diverse catalogue of albums including Radiohead’s Kid A and Prefab Sprout’s Steve McQueen.

As a founding member of Loose Tubes and Polar Bear, Mark Lockheart has often remained ahead of the curve and has constantly explored new directions in his own music. Dreamers epitomises that adaptation and evolution, allowing the music to speak beyond the boundaries of genre. Lockheart’s multifaceted outlook on music is explored through a new set of original compositions with this bold and unique sounding group. Expect urgent, exciting grooves and textures all cleverly crafted together within Lockheart’s unique and memorable melodies. There’s a wide range of influences here, from Ellington and Shorter to John Zorn, the Beatles and even Kraftwerk!

From Loose Tubes to Polar Bear and beyond, Lockheart’s capacity to be ahead of the jazz curve is undeniable. In this new band his combination of lyrical economy and harmonic creativity has found three improvisatory soulmates who clearly know how to make the most of his compositions in their own terms. Jazzwise magazine

Dreamers will be released on 28th January 2022 on the Edition label.



Under 18£10.00
PA Card£7.50