Online Event: Platform 4 | Invisible Music



This event will go live today at 8pm

Invisible Music is a new immersive and contemporary digital experience from
acclaimed performance company Platform 4, blending film and soundscape to
create an intimate meditation on hearing loss.

…at concerts, violinists and flautists sway in mime, rapt to the sound of invisible
music. Listening I hear differently.

What happens when the soundtrack to your life starts to change?

An experimental new musical journey from Pete Flood (Bellowhead’s arranger and
composer) with striking projections by digital artist Barret Hodgson (Fatboy Slim;
Motionhouse), Invisible Music is a captivating immersive and intimate meditation on
hearing loss, drawn from personal experiences.

With a routine trip to Sainsbury’s becoming an exercise in the surreal, and everyday
experiences proving abnormal and out of your control, participants can journey
across the mesmerising soundscape and experience life behind the impairment –
helping to raise awareness for the 12 million individuals in the UK with hearing

An incredibly illuminating piece for friends and family of those experiencing
hearing loss, as well as those culturally inclined looking for new digital experiences,
this all-encompassing aural headphone experience is an eye-opener for all. The
film is also subtitled to ensure it is accessible to those who are hard of hearing.

Platform 4 is an artist-led company that creates playful and unexpected worlds in
which performers and participants can explore their creativity and the things that
matter to them. The work is highly visual, reliant on soundscape and music and
often intimate in scale, connects people and puts human relationships at the
heart of the event.


How do I experience this event?

Where can I watch it?
🌐 The video will appear on this web page on the 15th of July at 8 PM.
▶️ The only thing you need to do is press play.

Do I need to prepare anything?
❌🎫 You don’t need to buy tickets or sign up

What technology is required?
🌐 a working internet connection.
🎦 any device on which you can watch YouTube (laptop, tablet, etc)
🎧 headphones are recommended

What does it cost?
😊 This is a free event – please tell your friends!
🧡 If you are in a position to do so, please consider a donation.