Only Love Matters | Film Screening & Q+a


Presented by Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at University of Southampton

Join us for a special screening of Only Love Matters, a groundbreaking and critically acclaimed romantic feature. This film is the first in cinema history to feature lead intersex characters, set in Britain.

A young woman finds romance, only for it to get interrupted by her discovery of a book on intersex that brings her face to face with her inner turmoil. The sacrifice of an intersex-mother for her adopted daughter and the struggle for the rights of people like her. Her story, one of struggle, perseverance, and triumph as she rises from the impasse of poor village life and cruel tradition to the highest degree of success. Her allies in this sojourn: love, friendship, and humour. Two women, two timelines, two generations, and always the one thing that truly matters: Love.

Q+A Session:
The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with both the film director and film producer, offering a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the themes and production of this pioneering film.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see a truly pioneering film and engage in meaningful discussions about equality and diversity.