Teatime With Stan And Ollie


Enjoy Sunday afternoon in the company of renowned British pianist John Lenehan, as he introduces and provides live piano accompaniment to four of the best-loved silent movies. John sets the scene for each film with a host of musical styles resulting in a virtuosic tour-de-force – a fitting tribute to some of the masters of silent comedy.

Laurel & Hardy Putting Pants on Philip (1927)
Made in 1927, it is their first “official” film together as a team. The plot involves Laurel as Philip; a young Scot newly arrived in the United States, in full kilted splendour, the resulting mishaps involving the kilt and his Uncle’s attempts to get him to the tailor for ‘proper’ trousers!

Charlie Chaplin One AM (1916)
A display of virtuoso comic acting by Charlie Chaplin who also directed the film. Arriving home in evening dress in the early hours, he manages to maintain the utmost dignity despite enormous odds.

Laurel & Hardy Big Business (1929)
Stan and Ollie are determined to sell Christmas Trees (even to the most unwilling customers!), it’s impossible not to laugh at their antics – selling Christmas trees in the middle of summer!

Buster Keaton One Week (1920)
Buster Keaton and Sybil Seely are newlyweds.  Among their wedding gifts is a portable house you can easily (apparently) put together in one week…

Ticket price includes complimentary cup of tea and slice of cake


Presented by Turner Sims in association with Southampton Film Week