The Enchanted Cinema | The Snowman @ 40


Everyone’s favourite Snowman is celebrating a BIG birthday!

Join us for a beautiful festive event for all the family. The Enchanted Cinema celebrate 40 years of Raymond Briggs’s magical story, The Snowman, first shown on 26th December, 1982.

This fun and interactive event, featuring contributions from your good elves – sorry, selves! – starts with a vocal warm-up, preparing your inner chorister for the unforgettable Walking in the Air sequence. The Enchanted Cinema performers need your help with sound effects for different images seen in the film. Create a world of sound – an owl, a toothbrush, a whale, the sea, a musical box, a running tap, feet jumping through the snow, and a tearaway motorbike – and bring this classic story to life.

After your sounds workshop, enjoy Dianne Jackson’s magical animation The Snowman, first screened 40 years ago. Come and meet the performers and even try out their instruments after the show!

More about Enchanted Cinema
Orff is a way of teaching music based on the essential relationship between music, movement and the spoken word. The Enchanted Cinema are two Orff-trained musicians, Gareth and Kieron. They create fun and interactive events based on a century of beautiful hand-crafted animation.

Running time: 1 hour approx.
Suitable for children and adults of all ages

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