The Village Green Preservation Society


Harvey Brough director
The University of Southampton Voices

With special guests
Clara Sanabras vocals, guitar, harmonium
Rick Leigh vocals, flugelhorn

Harvey Brough returns with the University of Southampton Voices and special guests to perform his new choral and orchestral arrangement of The Kinks’ 1968 album, by invitation of Ray Davies.

Ray Davies and the Kinks have left an indelible mark on the work of artists ranging from David Bowie to Blur and Lily Allen (just for starters).The Village Green Preservation Society is a unique musical fusion of vaudeville, oompah, music hall, palm court and the blues, all bound together by the inimitable Kinksian rock with a tongue in its cheek. Coming at a time when we are questioning what it is to be British and what our relationship with Europe will be in the future, the album’s 50th anniversary offers a poignant mirror image of the optimism of the late 60’s, when we were contemplating making a move in the opposite direction – joining the Common Market.