2020 – a Turner Sims year in numbers

The start of a new year is a good time for newspapers, broadcasters, commentators…and concert halls…to look forward to some of the highlights, anniversaries and likely defining moments in the upcoming 12 months.

Here is a first look at Turner Sims by numbers in the year ahead:

Turner Sims is a fine music venue
With concerts galore on its menu
So whatever you choose
There’s no time to lose
Which tickets for events can we send you?

  • 12.
    instrument strings involved in Lawrence Power and Vilde Frang’s duo performance
  • 25.
    moveable frets on the setar, the four-stringed lute which Kayhan Kalhor will perform on in May
  • 41.
    symphonies composed by Mozart, culminating in the Jupiter, as unwrapped by SÓN and David Owen Norris in March
  • 59.
    days it took British polar explorer Felicity Aston MBE in 2012 to ski alone across Antarctica. The first woman to achieve the feat it was a journey of 1744km and gave her a place in the book of Guinness World Records.
  • 88.
    keys on a concert grand piano, and the day of the year (normally 29 March apart from a leap year like 2020 when it is 28 March) declared as International Piano Day. Come and discover more with Sarah Nicolls and her Inside-Out Piano
  • 220.
    the estimated number of album releases submitted for consideration for the Mercury Music Prize from which 12 ‘Albums of the Year’ are selected, including SEED Ensemble
  • 250.
    birthdays for Beethoven and Wordsworth
  • 400.
    years since the Mayflower departed Southampton for America


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