Adventurer Pip Stewart features in Wessex Scene

Traveller and journalist Pip Stewart gives a fascinating interview for Wessex Scene ahead of her visit to Turner Sims on Tuesday 2 October. We’re looking forward to her RG-IBG talk Reflections from the Amazon, and to hearing more about her nasty encounter with the flesh-eating parasite leishmaniasis, something that she is now raising awareness of.

‘Funnily enough when we were in Peru a lot of people living in the Andes told us that climate change was having a big effect on their crops and they can’t grow as much as they used to be able to. Any of my travelling is just showing that wherever you are in the world we’re all very human. We all have the same frailties, strengths, weaknesses, but I suppose what I took from living in more wild places with the communities there would be just how out of touch, in the UK, we’ve become with nature and that’s really my only comparison that I have. But I really have enjoyed getting back to living more harmoniously with nature, in a sense, on these sorts of trips.’

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