Ash Sealy, photographer extraordinaire…

We always love to hear about our former interns and how life is going for them! We talk to Ash Sealy, former Jazz South Intern, about her brilliant new venture…

Ash Sealy

Having graduated BA Music at University of Southampton with a first in July, Ash is now studying an MA in International Music Management and has started What About The Ash, a photography and creative consultancy business.

Ash has recently been back at Turner Sims, capturing the live experience of the UoS Presents… lunchtime concerts series and the fantastic concert from Ashley Henry in November – and we love the results!

Ashley Henry, November 2021

‘My transition from being a Turner Sims intern to a master’s student has afforded me invaluable experiences I wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. I gained an introductory understanding of arts management and operating within a professional and multifaceted team. It is by far one of the best parts of my university journey.

UOS Presents… Real Telepaths, November 2021

While the work is demanding, it gives me a sense of purpose and makes a difference for the students and faculty I never thought possible. Turner Sims has been an excellent place to hone my craft and engage with professional musicians. At the same time, I am growing as an individual alongside my commercial acumen in running my business. The meaningful relationships and development I have made here will stay with me always.

UOS Presents… Birth of the Cool, November 2021
UOS Presents… The Brompton Quartet, November 2021

As a photographer, perspective is everything; angles, light, shade is forever changing and transitory in nature. As a musician, I can appreciate the craft it takes to be on stage performing and interpret the emotions and meaning behind the performances. Through this combination, What About the Ash was born. Using my skills to ensure fellow musicians get a perspective on themselves and perhaps, seeing themselves for the first time inside the music as well as playing it. I consider this a privilege I will never get tired of experiencing.’

UOS Presents… Real Telepaths, November 2021

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In the Alps
UOS Presents… Birth of the Cool
Ashley Henry
UOS Presents… Real Telepaths
UOS Presents… Brompton Quartet

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Ashley Henry, November 2021

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