You’re both known for being highly renowned double bass players, why did you choose that instrument to learn and master?

CM: I don’t know if I’ve mastered it, but it’s a family tradition. Both my father and great-uncle are bass players as well.
EM: My father loved music and played the bass. I was asking to play as soon as I could talk.

How did you first discover jazz?

CM: My bass-playing great-uncle, Howard Cooper, turned me on to jazz as a kid.
EM: My father had a Count Basie record on when they brought me home from the hospital!

What inspired your new duo project?

CM: I’ve always been one of Edgar’s biggest fans and in 2007 we played a duo concert in Aspen, Colorado. It went so well, we knew we had to do it again.
EM: This is the only way I could get lessons with Christian.

What can we expect from your live gig here at Turner Sims?

CM: I don’t like telling people what to expect. The unexpected is what should make you come to a concert.
EM: No drums!

Tell us your top five jazz tunes of all time…

CM: Almost any five written by Wayne Shorter, Duke Ellington or Chick Corea
EM: Don’t really have a top five!

Catch them live at Turner Sims Saturday 19 March

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