In the run-up to The Third Orchestra Project – The Ripple Effect, we share a selection of musical works by members of the orchestra.

Soul Vibrations – Alina Bzhezhinska

The first single taken from her most recent album, Reflections, draws together influences from jazz, hip-hop, and funk. Alina collaborates with HipHarpCollective to create a new version of Dorothy Ashby’s Soul Vibrations, inspired by the harp’s natural ability to represent the vibrating strings of the heart.

The Third Orchestra is one of the most creative and musically surprising project I’ve ever done. Playing with such extraordinary international talents it not only a pleasure. We learn from each other and we share the music that comes from our deep roots. This orchestra shows one again that the world can be a harmonious and peaceful place but many of us are coming from the countries where wars and injustices prevented us from creative peaceful life. You can hear it all in the music – this is the universal language everyone can understand and we are looking forward to share it with the audience of Turner Sims.”

Alina Bzhezhinska

Fast Car – Dennis Rollins (originally by Tracy Chapman)

You may be familiar with this classic, originally performed by Tracy Chapman. Dennis brings a new sound to the song, with his trombone bringing a brassy, full sound to complement the softer, subtle notes of the guitar. With this instrumental piece, Dennis is able to be more expressive with the nature of his playing taking the form of lyrics.

Sangnyeongsan – Hyelim Kim

Sangnyeongsan is the first and slowest section of the nine movements of Yeongsanhoesang. Meaning “High Spirits on Mountains”, this particular piece explores Korea’s nature through traditional wind instruments such as the Daegeum (Korean bamboo flute). The sound created permeates through the flute’s buzzing membrane, and is capable of achieving both loud and soft tones.

Credit to Tatiana Gorilovsky

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