Going Green: New environmental pledges for the New Year…

We enter a New Year with ever more enthusiasm and drive to deliver activities at Turner Sims with less impact on the environment.

Helping us achieve this is the University of Southampton’s new Sustainability Strategy whose vision is that by 2030, sustainability will be a part of everything the university does: considering individual behaviours, how we work together, and how we make decisions for the future.

Joanna’s homemade compost bin…

To begin 2021, Turner Sims team members have made individual environmental pledges that we hope you are inspired by. These pledges together with a reduction in staff commuting, less printing due to home-working and concerts going online – which were all prompted by the pandemic – prove what can be achieved through remaining open and flexible to new ideas:

  • Liz Howard, Arts Administrator ‘I’m now walking to my son’s pre-school two days a week instead of driving.’
  • Jay Mendivil, Head of Operations ‘To reduce my digital carbon footprint, I have set my workstation to go to sleep if I am not using the machine and I will be accessing as many digital services as possible on smaller devices.’
  • Daniela Gerstmann, Marketing Officer ‘I have signed up to Veganuary again this year!’
  • Daniel Cox, Front of House Manager ‘I had a no-food-waste Christmas, I brought some ready rolled pastry and any food that was going to be wasted, I put in a pie and cooked for tea that day, some strange combinations; potato curry pie; broccoli and gammon; carrot, parsnip and turkey. Also, one for next year, but I got 25 Christmas boxes in the sale, instead of using wrapping paper next year I will put presents in these boxes and can reuse them every year after.
  • Joanna Roberts, Marketing Officer ‘Following on from my Lockdown Garden last summer, I have built my own compost bin out of old pallets from the garage (pictured above). It’s a bit rough and ready but it’s all my own work and made out of scrap – and it’s already half full of leaves, carboard and cuttings – a great way to recycle and save money on shop-bought compost all at the same time. Find out how to make your own here

Look out for more updates on our progress in the coming months!

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