INTERN INSIGHTS: Anna Palethorpe reflects on her internship experience…

University of Southampton Music student Anna Palethorpe reflects on her experience as Music Showcase Intern.



I have loved working as a Showcase intern for the past four months. I have found working alongside both Turner Sims and the music department an amazing opportunity and a well-rounded and rewarding experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing articles for Turner Sims. Having spent a lot of time researching lockdown approaches of different concert halls around the country, I was thrilled to be able to share some of the exciting information that I found with Turner Sims’s audiences. I hope that I was able to help people find joy or distraction during these times, as well as to educated and inspire.

I have also relished creating Spotify playlists for Turner Sims. I found it interesting to work alongside Geoffrey Howson to create a playlist based on his interview about his favourite performances at Turner Sims. I was pleased to be able to share his insight and musical tastes with others. I also enjoyed collating a group of my favourite pieces that have comforted me during lockdown and sharing this hopefully helped other people during this scary time.

Helping to promote and run Employment Days with the music department has been an interesting and rewarding part of my internship. I loved being able to meet all of the speakers and learning about their chosen line of work. I have been able to make contacts and retain useful guidance that will advise my chosen career path.

Overall, this internship has been a wonderful opportunity to throw myself into and appreciate the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in the music world. I have loved the variety and responsibility that the internship has given me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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